ProCell’s full line of serums contain a unique formulation of growth factors derived from stem cells found in human bone marrow. These growth factors are naturally anti-inflammatory, making them superior to other sources of growth factors such as adipose tissue stem cells or fibroblasts. ProCell’s growth-factor serums promote more youthful-appearing skin, and lead to quicker recovery times from procedures.

Highly concentrated human growth factor serums derived from bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells which are known to promote scarless healing in an anti-inflammatory environment. Amplifies your client’s collagen response during MicroChanneling treatment!


Microchannel Delivery Serum MD

Contains twice the growth factors found with additional ingredients such as TGF-β3 to provide enhanced anti-aging, pro-healing and anti-inflammatory benefits. MD MicroChannel delivery serum provides faster results!!

This fast and easy two-part aftercare system – A powerhouse of physiologically balanced growth factors and cytokines, potent peptides and protective antioxidants.

Cellular Renewal Serum MD
Healing Accelerator Serum MD

A medical grade skin care system that contains twice the cytokines found in our Pro Serum, along with TGF-β3 and IL-1 to provide enhanced anti-aging, pro-healing and anti-inflammatory benefits. Stronger collagen production!!

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